External examiner thesis report

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Thesis Examiners

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For thesis errors, typographic errors, etc. At the end of your period of appointment as External Examiner, it would be helpful if your final report would draw attention in Section 10 to any significant developments or changes in.

External Examiner’s Report NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY. Annual Report of External Examiner for a taught programme. Session: / NOTES. 1. Please return your report as soon as possible after completion of your duties (no later. A. Project report on “RECREATION ClUB” CONSIDERING USER MOVEMENT Department of Architecture National Institute of Technology, Raipur (C.G).

Role and Appointment of Examiners

The Industrial External Examiner should be of sufficient seniority and experience to be able to assess the commercial aspects of the research as reported in the thesis. reached, the Chair of the Campus Committee shall engage the Additional External Examiner who shall examine the thesis and report in accordance with Regulation If the reports of the Examiners indicate that a thesis requires extensive revision, but not re.

External Examiner's report form (Masters by Research) (MS Word, *Where Examiners need to complete a re-examination of a Masters by Research thesis, then again, the Preliminary Reports and Joint Report on the PhD tab should be used instead of the above two separate reports.

Preliminary Reports are required whether there is a viva at re.

External examiner thesis report
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